Travel Tuesday: What to Do with your Vacation Photos

If you’ve followed the blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that I absolutely LOVE to Travel. That’s how and why this Travel Tuesday series came to be! When I travel, I always feel like photos are the most valuable souvenir I could have. More often than not, I elect not to purchase anything on my trips. Instead, I use the money I would have spent on trinkets to order prints and products of my photos post-trip!

In order to get the full value of your photos – you need to PRINT them! You need a tangible, easily accessible way to display them that will trigger a memory and help you escape all over again. This is what I love so much about photography. A photo can take you back to the moment it was captured – as long as you let it! It will do you no good to hide your photos electronically on your computer, where you won’t see them unless you make an effort.

In today’s Travel Tuesday post, I am sharing my three favorite prints and products for Travel Photography (or any photography for that matter)!

1) Framed & Matted Prints:

It’s no secret that framing can be expensive. For this reason most people assume a quality matted, framed photo may be out of reach. This is true if you frequent custom frame shops and certain craft stores (cough, Michaels, cough). However, there are reasonable alternatives out there if you’re willing to shop online. I recommend mpix (as seen below in the photo) where you can order a print, mat and frame all at once. If you’ve already purchased a print and need a mat and frame, then Art to Frame is amazing! I recently used them for framing a watercolor painting and I was truly impressed! If you know the dimensions of your print, you are ready to order. They can also handle custom sizes!

This one of my favorite photos from Venice that hangs in my dining room! It is a 10×12 print matted and framed by mpix.



2) Canvas Wraps:

If you’re looking to make a large impact on a room without a large investment, canvas wraps are the way to go! We all know by now that Groupon and LivingSocial almost always have deals for canvas prints. While the quality of these canvases might not be heirloom, and they may fade over time, I love them for what they are in the short run. I love that I can make a small investment now because it lets me change them out over time! If I sunk a couple hundred dollars into a fine art, quality canvas I would feel guilty if there was ever another photo I wanted in its place.

This is a 16×20 canvas (with mirrored edges) that hangs in my living room. I believe I ordered it using a Groupon deal and I’m not sure which company it’s from. The photo is of Lake of Glass in Rocky Mountain National Park. This may or may not be replaced in the near future… We are traveling to Yosemite in July and I can imagine wanting a new canvas!



3) Photo Albums:

When we went to Europe in 2011, I knew I wanted to make a photo album of our entire trip! I wanted a way to remember everything from start to finish. I also wanted a fun way to share our experience with family and friends. There are lots of companies out there that create beautiful albums. I highly recommend Blurb and Artisan State. I have had great experiences with both and am always impressed with the quality! These albums are a bit more expensive than Snapfish or MyPublisher, but they are definitely worth the investment! If you’re going to get an album, you want the photos to print true to color and you want it to LAST.

This is the album of Europe I ordered from Artisan State. It’s genuine leather with a bit of a rustic feel – perfect for the historic sites featured within! It’s 8×8, with thick pages and images that go across the spread. It’s exactly what I wanted!

2015-05-04_006 2015-05-04_007 2015-05-04_008


I hope this post was helpful! I want everyone out there to enjoy their images! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or leave a comment below!


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Photo albums are a great way to store vacation photos. Revisiting the memories through a photo album is always fun a few years after the vacation! Thanks for sharing.