… apparently ends up on my blog! The summer before we were married, Josh and I wanted to take a vacation that wouldn’t break the bank, but at the same time was really fun! I suggested Vegas having been there before with my girlfriend (perhaps a later Travel Tuesday post!). We stayed at Excalibur resort and casino – an extremely budget-friendly hotel on the strip! We LOVED it! It was fun, and the location was excellent. We spent time playing blackjack, seeing shows, relaxing by the pool — and of course taking pictures!

The photo below has an interesting story — we were watching the famous fountain show and Josh turned to me all serious and said “I really want an Ocean’s 11 photo.” I was a little confused at first (which is nothing new when it comes to him – I kid really…) then I remembered the scene at the end of the movie, where the camera pans away leaving the silhouettes of the characters! I was excited and LOVE how this photo came out.

Josh is in the middle – I think he kind of looks like Matt Damon, then again I am biased!

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