Travel Tuesday: Germany 2011

I decided to combine our two stops in Germany into one Travel Tuesday post! Germany was absolutely fantastic. I had a wonderful time and the people were so nice!

Our first stop was to St. Goar – a small town along the Rhine river. It was so quaint and lovely. It’s home to an amazing stein shop, and the world’s largest free standing cuckoo clock! St. Goar is rich in culture and proud of its legends. I was fond of the tale of Loreley, and a few others we were told.

Our next stop in Germany was Munich. I really liked Munich, even though we were only there for a short while. We took a tour of the city on bicycles – which was great in spite of the rain! Then we spent the night out at the Hofbräuhaus! It was so neat. One of the best times of the trip!

Our last stop in Munich was to Dachau – the first concentration camp. This gets a little heavy, and I almost didn’t post these, but I felt like I should. I cried – no make that bawled – while being here. I thought I would be fine, having studied the Holocaust and even visited the Smithsonian museum. Let me tell you, nothing can prepare you for actually being at a concentration camp. There is such an eerie feeling, almost haunting. It’s like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. I hope you take from these images what I took from my visit – it is necessary to view such atrocity so that it does not happen again…

Next Tuesday we’ll visit Austria!

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Great photos!!! I’ve always wanted to go to Germany. Honeymoon maybe…. Along with Italy, Greece, Spain and basically the rest of Europe, I’ll need some substantial time off :)

Glad you liked them! I liked Germany a lot more than I thought I would going in to our trip. Definitely go if you have the chance! Honeymoon would be perfect :) Or, another couple of mine just went to Greece for 2 weeks for theirs. If you’re interested I could get you some info from them!! Let me know!