This past weekend was the first I had off in 4 weeks – it was also the perfect time to visit friends in Colorado! One of my best friends lives just outside of Boulder and I make it a point to go see her as often as I can. Last year, I went by myself, but this year Josh was able to come along! It was wonderful.

We had a relaxing few days and also made time to hike a 14er – that is a Colorado term for a peak that’s 14,000+ feet above sea level. INTENSE is the best way to describe it! There’s not much oxygen up that high my friends… But we made it to the top of Gray’s Peak!

That sunlit peak is the summit! The way the sunlight hit it was just beautiful. . .

Can you spot the people? It is hard to show just how massive the mountains are! There are some things that photos just don’t do justice. The Rockies are one of them.

This next picture was the last I took before the clouds really rolled in. The view from the top was non-existent!! Oh, and it SNOWED on our way down. Yep, it SNOWED. In. August. . .

Our last day in town we went to Estes Park (near Rocky Mountain National Park) and shopped, ate and took in the views!

I also figured this was the best place to do a very quick maternity shoot with Alison & Braden! They are expecting their first child in a few short weeks! I am SO excited for them and wanted to capture a few photos to document this time in their lives — and also say thank you for hosting us!

Of course it was mid-day, in the middle of a bright field, but we made it work! Although these aren’t technically perfect, they are some of my favorite photos because of the people in them!! Congrats again you two. I can’t wait to meet your sweet baby girl!


Braden is a very successful glassmith (see his work here: and was busy working on a custom stone order for Ironman Races for much of our trip. He is an incredible artist and it was so fun to see his passion for his work firsthand!

Josh and I are lucky enough to have a few of his pieces and we LOVE them! We also ordered our Groomsman gifts from him – custom engraved glasses. They were perfect! If you’re interested in something like this, definitely get in touch with him!

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