When Sabrina’s mom contacted me to do a session she said, “I’m the average new mom who’s iPhone obsessed, but I just want to have photos that are good quality and that I can hang on my wall too.” I LOVED this!

I think it’s great that parents today carry a camera with them everywhere they go. Smartphones are awesome for capturing special, everyday moments as they unfold. However, it’s still very important to have professional quality images.

When investing in a session, keep in mind that you want photos that capture your child as they are – not stiff and posed. An in-home shoot is the best way to ensure this end result. Children are more comfortable in their natural environment. This comfort and familiarity helps them adapt to the camera quickly since it’s the only foreign object. More often then not, they only curious as to what it is rather than being frightened by it!


Sabrina was very serious during her shoot, so her mom kept trying to get her to smile! It was hilarious. We were all laughing… except for Sabrina of course!


This look says, “FIIIINE. I’ll give you a half smile… This modeling stuff is hard work!”

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