I believe this is the fourth time Darby & Kevin have been featured on my blog! They are my favorite twins and some of my favorite subjects! They’re getting SO big! Every time I see them I’m blown away by the changes.

Darby & Kevin are now in first grade and were telling me all about how they get to ride the bus every day – like big kids! Since they’re not in the same class, I asked if people knew they were twins. “Yeah, they find out” was their only response. It cracked me up!

I loved my time with these two and their family last weekend. We met at Red Rock Overlook in Leesburg, VA and it was the perfect location for their annual portraits. I think I know at this point which one will end up on their Christmas card, but I’ll have to wait and see if I’m right!

Enjoy a few of my favorites from this year’s shoot:

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