Maybe it’s the fact that I celebrated my 29th birthday earlier this month, but I’ve recently felt the need to be more adventurous, care-free and spontaneous. I guess this year I’m making more of an effort to live in the here and now, taking advantage of opportunities as they arise, and creating a few when I can! On this note, when Josh said he found FRONT ROW tickets to a Penguins game, it was definitely an opportunity I didn’t want to miss – even if it meant driving 11+ hours in one day (yes, we did!).

Anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE the Pittsburgh Penguins. It’s been a life long relationship. I started going to games as a kid with my family. I remember seeing Lemieux & Jagr play together. I was there the night Mario came out of retirement – I remember seeing his banner fall from the rafters! It is one of my favorite Pens moments. A close second to the time when my cousin asked Kasparaitis what kind of shampoo he uses (that was a classic).

Oh, and I can’t forget June 12, 2009. The Penguins won the Stanley Cup the night before MY WEDDING! Best Wedding Gift Ever! I may have celebrated a little too hard… but it was worth it. Josh and I both agree it was one of the best parts of the whole weekend.

Well, I might have a new favorite Pens memory… sitting front row and photographing warm-ups! Here is a little recap of our road trip!


Lesson #1 – NEVER let Josh bring beef jerky on a road trip again… Ew that stuff stinks!!

2014-01-30_002Lesson #2 – Pennsylvania weather has and always will be unpredictable.

2014-01-30_003Lesson #3 – Driving through NYC in RUSH HOUR is NOT an experience I want to repeat.

But, it was SOOOO worth it for THIS. . .

Tops on Team Canada!

The Captain and all his men!


Letang & Fleury  tossed pucks up and over for the little kids! I was really sweet.

Oh. Hello There Geno! Don’t mind me with my camera!

All smiles while putting one past Fleury!

My Favorite shot of the night!

Game View!! We won 6-4! It was intense. . .

After the game, we went exploring to find a beautiful view of the Manhattan Skyline. It was about 5 degrees outside so this was a quick shot!!


When we got home at 4:30am we were pretty tired… but we had an absolute BLAST!

Have any of you taken crazy road trips? Where did you go?

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