Sometimes music videos are so inspiring. Whether it’s the story of the lyrics played out on film, or the interpretation of those lyrics in a way that is different than expected, they have always had the power to stop me in my tracks and completely pull me in.

Since starting my photography journey, I find myself looking at videos in a new way.  I look at the film and see the still shots I could capture (as a photographer) to tell the same story the video does. If those stills can portray the feel of the song, I usually love the video and will watch it every time it’s on. However, if there is no correlation between the stills and song, I generally flip the channel and not watch.

I just saw this video for Lee Brice’s “Beautiful Every Time” and it is the perfect example of a video that captured me. I love everything about it – the song, the cinematography, the overall feel – and of course, the stills I see in my head.

Can you see the still shots and how they portray the song?

The practice of watching videos this way has really helped develop my photographic eye. I encourage anyone with an interest in photography – professionally or otherwise – to start watching music videos. The ability to break down a video into shots that capture its feel translates to the ability to break down the events of a wedding day, birthday party, family get-together, etc – and naturally gravitate to the shots that capture its feel as the story unfolds before you.


I am considering starting a music video blog series that highlights some of my favorite videos for this exercise. If this post was helpful, let me know in the comments below and I’ll keep it up! Thanks!

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