One of the best parts of running this business is the people I meet along the way! I have formed friendships that extend past the client/photographer relationship on countless occasions. One example of this is the Johnson Family!

I first met everyone when I photographed Andrea & Clint’s wedding in 2012. Since then I have worked with them multiple times for professional head shots and portraits. Last weekend we finally had the opportunity to get the entire family together for a session – including their 8 dogs!!

Meet the Johnson Family. . .

Let’s start with Cherie & Charlie!

Meet Rosy & Carmen. They are sisters and two of Cherie & Charlie’s beautiful daughters!

Carmen sure knew how to rock that jean jacket her older sister, Andrea, gave her!

Meet Jolie & Tim! They are husband and wife State Farm Agents! They’re also avid music lovers and totally adorable together!

Some photo-bombing fun! What else are little sisters for?!

Andrea & Clint! I love these two, that is all I can say!

All four sisters! Such a beautiful group!

And the entire family!!!

When Cherie told me they wanted to capture their four-legged children & grand children I was over the moon excited!

This is Sophie (left) and Winston (right) – Cherie, Charlie, Carmen & Rosy’s dogs.

Can you spot the nose & eye? This is Winston… NOT a mop!

This is Roxy – Sophie & Winston’s older sister!

And these are Andrea & Clint’s dogs – Sully (left) & Pippa (right)! They are best buds!

I adore this next photo of Tim & Linden!

Another of Linden (because I couldn’t resist) & his brother Patrick!

And this is Sydney – Linden & Patrick’s sister! She has so much personality!

And WE DID IT!!! A group shot of ALL 16 members of the Johnson Family!

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