It’s been a busy few weeks here! I’ve met three beautiful newborns, shot a small wedding ceremony, helped develop new branding (logo preview on the photos), and attended an amazing photography seminar at National Geographic! Whew! I apologize the blog hasn’t been updated as a result. Next week will be FULL of posts and hopefully that continues from here on out!

Now I would like to introduce the beautiful Holland. She’s hands down one of the most adorable babies I’ve photographed. For such a small frame (she was a preemie), she has such a LARGE personality! I hope that shines through in these images! I photographed her parents’ wedding on New Years Eve to ring in 2012. It was so great to see them, catch up, and meet their little blessing. I hope you all love the photos of Holland!

“What the heck are you doing with that camera in my face?!” hahah. This is one of the first photos I took. . .

This just cracks me up! Such a funny face!


Such a sweet family!


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So cute! Love this kid and her parents :)

Thanks Kristy! I love them all too!