When I was in Nashville last year I had the chance to attend an In the Round set at the Bluebird Cafe! It was amazing. Four incredible singer-songwriters put on an unbelievable show (I still think about it, it was that good!). One of my favorites from that night was Blair Bodine.


I’ve since followed Blair on Facebook and was so excited to see her featured in this month’s American Songwriter magazine! She won their May/June 2014 Lyric Contest for her new song, “Lonely Pretty Things.” The article is fabulous. She answers questions about balancing her songwriting dreams with her 9 to 5 job. What she said really resonated with me . . .

“Don’t Quit Your Daydream”

How PERFECT is this?! In the first four years of my business I worked full and part-time day jobs and struggled with balancing my photography work with the daily grind. I remember sitting at my computer daydreaming about devoting 100% of my time and energy on my business. I knew it would make all the difference in the world for myself personally and for my clients.


Last September I made the move to being a full-time photographer and I couldn’t be happier. It is exactly as I imagined it. I am in a better place mentally (because I’m a LOT less stressed) and I’m able to live up to my own expectations of client care, editing turn-around time, shoot scheduling, etc. Plus I am doing a much better job at the work-life balance.

For me, it took four solid years to accomplish this “daydream.” Most things don’t happen overnight and they take an incredible amount of dedication, perseverance, and encouragement from those around you. This week I am thankful that I found Blair’s words to remind me just how far I’ve come.

If you’re reading this and you’re daydreaming of something different than your current situation, take Blair’s advice and NEVER QUIT!

To read the full article click here.
To hear her winning song click here.

*The Friday Find is a blog series where I post something that really stuck with me that week. It could be a quote, a product, a place, an article, etc. Some are funny and others are inspiring/serious. I hope you check back every week to see the Friday Find.

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Thanks for this great article you wrote about Blair, my daughter. I’m so happy you went that night and had a chance to see her perform live. Loved loved loved the article and photos. Wow

Hi Barbara! Thank you so much for the kind words! I’m so happy you loved the article and the photos! I had a great time that night and enjoy listening to Blair’s music! She’s great!