“Please excuse the mess. … I’m so sorry. I was going to wake up early and pick up, go get us Starbucks, and get ready, but I was too lazy.”

These were some of the first words out of Charissa’s mouth Sunday morning when I entered her apartment. As soon as she spoke them, Charissa’s husband, Sam, looked at her and shook his head with one of those – I can’t believe you, how can you even think like that, but at the same time, this is why I love you and I wouldn’t have it any other way – kind of looks on his face. Anyone in love knows that look, and it was adorable.

The thought that someone eight months pregnant would consider being anything but lazy was beyond me. The apology was not warranted in any way and I assured her that in doing so she was crazy. Not mention, the “mess” she spoke of was nothing more than baby toys and necessities – a monkey theme shining through (how fun!). As if I hadn’t known before, these first few minutes confirmed what a great mother Charissa will be. After all, she’s pregnant and still thinking of others first.

After a few minutes of catching up and deciding on outfits, Charissa, Sam and I headed to Old Town Alexandria. It was my first time there and I fell in love with its quaint, historic charm – which was evident even through the flooded streets and parks (something none of us had been aware of). Despite the flooding, we managed to find some really great locations for photos.

In addition to Old Town, we also took a few photos near their apartment, as well as on their balcony. As Charissa pointed out, it will be the first place where their son lives – something special to have documented.

Charissa and Sam, I am thrilled for you both and hope you enjoy the following photos from your session. Best of luck with the next few weeks of pregnancy and I cannot wait to meet “Baby Boy Slack” upon his arrival…

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