This weekend was one of those rare weekends off, especially for this time of year! When Josh and I looked at the calendar and saw there were no shoots scheduled we decided to make the most of it and plan a little getaway!

I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Cedar Point. I LOVE roller coasters so it’s only fitting that for the last 8 years I’ve been suggesting we visit Cedar Point! Josh had been there before but I had never had the chance. It turned out this weekend was the perfect opportunity. When Josh mentioned there was a National Park near by, we decided to extend our trip and do some hiking! We had a really great time at both places and here are a few photos from our trip!

Naturally I didn’t want to take my camera to Cedar Point but I made sure to snap a few photos with my iPhone. . .

I still haven’t mastered the whole “selfie” thing. . . As a photographer, should I be embarrassed by that?!

There were NO lines (see below to the right)!!  The longest we waited was 25 minutes! If you’re planning a trip to Cedar Point definitely go in early May!The Gatekeeper! My favorite coaster! We may have ridden this 3 times!

The next day we went hiking in Cuyahoga Valley National Park!

He’s such a goofball!

There was an old gas station outside the visitor center. SO neat!2014-05-15_018

This was a Blue Heron preservation/viewing area. Those are all nests in the trees and their young had just hatched!

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