I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend! Mine was complete with a wonderful wedding that I can’t wait to share! (More from that on Wednesday!) I am currently in the middle of a stretch of 4 weddings in 4 weeks – it is amazing!! Before kicking off this crazy month of July, I made it a point to visit with a few of my industry friends. One of those visits was to Buttercups Floral’s Cut Flower Garden.

Laura has started a beautiful flower garden on her property. It’s full of fresh flowers of all kinds, succulents, and also BEES! I was very curious about the bees because I knew so little about what went in to raising them. It’s a lot of work but Laura is a total pro! She has four hives and they’re all doing great!

I really enjoyed spending time with her and also hearing about her big plans for the garden. She is currently using some of the flowers for her gorgeous arrangements, but hopes to eventually get almost all of her flowers from the garden itself! This means a big expansion that will happen over the next few years. She also hopes to have honey from the bees to use for favors – it’s an amazing idea!

I am so inspired by all Laura has going on in her business. She is truly passionate about her craft and someone who makes things happen! We have our first wedding of the year together this weekend and I cannot wait to photograph her work! I know it’s going to be beautiful!

Here are a few images from our time together:


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