To say I’m excited when I to share this post is an EXTREME UNDERSTATEMENT!!! What I’m feeling right now surpasses excitement! It has been a goal of mine for YEARS (I kid you not!) to develop a promotional video for my business. I feel like it’s such a great way to connect with clients and not only share a bit of myself, but also share what it’s like to work with me – behind the scenes!

Accomplishing this project was much easier said than done. It required a lot of planning and also finding the perfect person to capture it all and make it come to life! I am so thankful to have met Kevin from Render Solid. I was introduced to him through one my industry friends – Jenna Shriver Photography!

Kevin produced Jenna’s video and I knew when I saw it that he was the person I’d been looking for! He was incredible to work with and knew exactly what I had in mind! If he were shooting weddings I would highly recommend him, but unfortunately he isn’t at this time. (I’m working on convincing him though!!)

To Kristina, Rob, Cate and Phil – Thank you for being amazing friends/clients and willing to help make this dream a reality! I had so much fun and this video wouldn’t be what is without you!

So without further ado … Here it is – the first ever Beth T. Photography Promotional Film!

**Music by Emily Hearn. Licensed through The Music Bed.

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