One week ago today I flew back from Portland, OR. As I sat on the plane, my mind was filled with thoughts of branding, marketing, posing techniques, editing tools, and most of all – INSPIRATION.

All of these were takeaways from a fun-filled, two-day workshop hosted by the one and only Holli True! Holli is an amazing photographer specializing in senior portraits for girls! Her Be Inspired Workshop lived up to its name in every way possible. I left with a clearer view of what I want for my business – my goals, my direction, and my purpose in this industry!

Holli was an open book in sharing her knowledge with me and the other attendees – Sarah, Kelli, Denise, Tracey, Lisa, Ella, and Wendy! The workshop was created as more of a conversation than a lecture, which was perfect! We were able to ask any and every question we had. This made the workshop unique in that not only did we learn from Holli, but from each other as well.

I have been anxious to post some of the photos I took at the workshop shoot! Holli lined up five senior girls for us to photograph! They were all amazing! It was such a great learning experience to interact with everyone at the shoot; it was by far my favorite part of the workshop.

I plan on dedicating a post to each model, but for now, here is a preview of all five!

I cannot thank Holli and Jeff enough for the opportunity to attend this workshop. Thanks to their efforts, I am now proud to be offering senior portraits as a facet of my business! I cannot wait to see where this new venture takes me! There is no question that I would not have the knowledge, confidence, or portfolio to make this possible without having attended this workshop!

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You are amazing!! :) I cannot wait to see where you go in this industry!! It was so awesome meeting you and I hope to see you again soon (WPPI, please?!?!) :) We need to plan a reunite! Also, there’s been talk about a group Skype. Oh yeah!! Thank YOU for everything!!